Sporty look trend inspiration

Hi guys, finally spring season is arrived and the sun is shining everyday, so we need to be ready to stay outside, to play sports and stay comfy to do that!

Ususally I wear some sporty items also to go to work and I love to mix them with other style clothes to be original and wear personal look everyday. Do you usually wear mix and match styles?

My favorite sporty items to wear everyday

Are you usually wear some sporty and comfy items everyday? Yes I am! I can’t wear something not comfortable and there I wanna show you a selection of my favorite sporty style.

One of my favorite clothes are long sleeve legging set! This a really cool style to be comfortable and this one of the trend of the season. I love to wear also leggins with a blouse, o a minidress, or also with a oversize t-shirt to be casual and comfy. This set is available in some colors, but I choose the black one.

Of course I wear these kind of items everytime I’m playing sports, or when I’m go to walking or running , because it’s really important wear the right things when we are in training time , to give us the best conditions to do that.

In recent years women have approached sport more, they are more attracted to sporting activities and are much more attentive to their physical shape and therefore consequently to their health.

The sportswear lines found in shops and online shops are much more feminine and manage to enhance the woman’s physicality, making her sexy even during training. In addition to the variety of products present in the collections, the shades of colors presented are also very captivating and it is very fun to play with the combination of these colors.

I really love the activewear sets, I find them very comfortable and in spring and summer I also use them to wear under maxi dresses, or even mini dresses for greater comfort. In the winter season it is possible to use a pair of leggings in the same way, that is by wearing them under the trousers to maintain body temperature and not suffer from the cold on freezing days.

Therefore the sportswear set is absolutely not something that is worn only during training, but on the contrary it is a versatile option to always keep in our wardrobe. Wearing a top under a shirt, or a pair of leggings with a sweater has become an irresistible trend for all women who are no longer willing to give up comfort and style!

Think, for example, of how important it is for a future mother or a new mother to feel comfortable, but also beautiful. In such an important moment in a woman’s life, the body changes every day and wearing sportswear can be an optimal solution. Precisely in this case the activewear sets in my opinion are ideal!

When I was pregnant and immediately after giving birth, I used these solutions a lot and I had a great time.

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